Mercedes Benz | B-Class


Advertisers tend to present technical car details in a technical way.
We chose a different path and transferred the car features to seven games which merged into a big story in the end.
We used a unique city quarter full of unique inhabitants as the stage for our „B-Class Stories“.
Users experience seven interactive stories equivalent to the seven different car features presented and how they work.
All the stories take place simultaneously although the user supports a different character in each of the stories.
Recurring small Déjà-Vues piece them together until they form a big story in the end.

Client: Daimler AG, Stuttgart/Germany
Title: Mercedes Benz | B-Class Web Special
Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg/Germany
Directors: Marco Lutz/Aleksander Bach

ADC Germany Award 2012:
Bronze Digitale Media | Online Advertising


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