Mercedes Benz Vans Citan | MacGyver

MacGuyver is back! Although our 80s action hero has paid tribute to time and aged quite a bit, at the end of the day the TV DIY champion shows everybody. Having quit the old saving-the-world business long ago and established himself as craftsman, Angus MacGuyver now defuses ticking time bombs again in the webisodes for the new Mercedes Benz Van Citan. And just like we love and cherish him, he brings his reliable special set of tools into service – like paperclips and sellotape. When starting to work on an A/C problem in a huge insurance corporation MacGyver realizes that something’s wrong – and not only with the A/C. What looked like a boring everyday task quickly turns into a literally breath-taking action adventure featuring gas attacks, exploding cars and a very special killer weapon. „Some days you’re good. And some days you’re lucky.“ MacGyver’s usual dry and witty off-speaker comments climax to three profound learnings at the end of his  more than 10 minutes long Citan adventure: „The bad guy never stays down. It’s always the red one. And never take a job on a weekend.“

Watch the

Webisode 1
Webisode 2
Webisode 3


Client: Mercedes Benz Vans, Stuttgart/Germany


Title: MacGuyver 


Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg/Germany


Director: Markus Walter




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