Audi | Where is the Tank?
Audi | Where is the Tank?

Audi | An interactive Youtube film

The possibility to view the Audi TV Spot “Where’s the tank?” should be
extended on Internet and show Internet-savvy Audi clients:
Since you rarely have to refuel with Audi, you forget where the tank is.
The Solution:
A YouTube clip that begins where the TV commercial left off. First we see the film “Where’s the tank” as a normal YouTube clip. But the search for the petrol cap is interactive!  The User can intervene and call on 4 specilized teams for help: The “Pit Lane” team, three professional soccer players from FC Bayern, a specialty unit and a genuine route planner.  Two things are clear in the end:
Audi’s efficiency is unsurpassable. And, the tank is always on the right.


Client: Audi AG

Title: Where is the Tank?

Agency: Neue Digitale | Razorfish Berlin

Direction: Lisk & Possardt

Category: Youtube Special


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